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An amazing lion sighting just meters from the game vehicle.


An amazing lion sighting just meters from the game vehicle.

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It was a beautiful afternoon with the winter sun beating from the clear blue sky. Everyone was in eager anticipation of what we might encounter on our afternoon game drive and as usual mother nature held her best until last. Little did we know we would experience an amazing lion sighting…

Having spent a couple of wonderful hours searching the bush and coming across a plethora of plains game from graceful and majestic giraffe to the ever photogenic zebra we saw them all. After an hour or so and having enjoyed a tranquil sundowner watching in awe as yet another day past with a glorious and multi spectrum coloured sunset we headed off into the dark of the night.
The tension was high and guided by the spotlights we searched the bush for the nocturnal mammals and birds as they started their night time meander.
We saw a solitary and agile Serval heading out on its nightly hunting excursion, then came across a porcupine purposefully scurrying along the track and so we searched on. It wasn’t much longer until low and behold, we hit the jackpot.

As we drove into a small gulley with a small waterhole half full on our left, we saw the striking eyes of a male lion. Everything went quiet, he was huge with a gorgeous thick black mane and as he meandered past our vehicle some five metres away, out of the surrounding bush appeared his mate and then two young cubs of about eight months old. The male crossed our front and went to the waterside followed by the female and skipping along behind the two cubs.

For about five minutes we sat an stared at these awesome and wild creatures so close to us that we could hear them lapping up the water. Without a care in the world they finished drinking, looked at us, considered their route out and where gone.

This magnificent moment summed up in a few breath taking minutes how Africa and its wildlife continue to behold and surprise, yet never disappoint.

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